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  • 2 August 2018
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Please advice,


I need to copy the content of my listview1 to listview2.

listview1 is readonly with paging

listview2 is add/edit w/o paging.


I tried to execute the command below but it only copies the 1st page, the succeding page is ignored. Record count (100). please advice.


For ALL rows on listview1 LISTVIEW   then complete the following one after another.   then add a new row to the listview2   transfer data (configure)   then apply the changes made to the row on the listview2 editable list



I tried to save record from listview1 using the command below, failed.

listview1, executes the create method for all items that have been added (configure)


copy the content of listview1 to listiew2 then run the above command, it works. But failed, if there are multiple pages.


For your advice.



6 replies

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I forgot to mention that listview1 content is still in the fly not yet saved in my DB. data came from excel user added it using import options. That's why I cannot create a SMO to populate listview2.
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while you are importing the data from excel sheet, Are you saving the data into Temp table ? If you are saving on temp table then write a proc or rule on view to move the data. 



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Thanks for the reply. Nope, after import from excel data is still in the fly. Awaiting final command to submit record to DB.

That is another option to consider but I don't want t to do it at the moment k2 must / should have the best option to sove the issue. Or atleast guide me to the right workaround.


Really appreciate.

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Since, you still have data on the fly without storing at the backend. Can you not have paging disabled on the listview 1 so that you can execute smartobject create method for all the items added on the listview1?




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Import from excel to both list views. Why bother transferring data?

Hi Dabuskol,


Please see the link below based on How To: Display Related Data Using One SmartObject:


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