Close Sharepoint dialog on saving/close

  • 19 October 2018
  • 2 replies

  • I have a list in Sharepoint 2013
  • The from for new items or edit items open in a dialog
  • After clicking Save/Cancel the dialog doesn't close, I am only get a successfully-message.

What can I do to close the dialog automatically?

2 replies

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Hey cvonbargen,


I think you may have success with the "Close the browser window" action rule. I have not had a chance to test if this rule only works for forms opened in the browser and not through SharePoint. 


Also, I believe that any rules that are still running when we "Close the browser window" will continue to run on the backend. This could be helpful or cause problems depending on your design.


Seen screenshot for rule. 

All 3 options aren't working.