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We have recently obtained K2 Five and I was wondering if there is any inbuilt functionality for changing the style/images etc of the Workspace page or if there is an easy method to achieve this? 

I have had a bit of a look around but have not come across any solid information on this, so happy if someone has some documentation they can point me to.


EDIT: Apologies, when I was searching through google I could not find many results however searching here in the community comes up with more.
This link is an older question for blackpearl and indicates that workspace styling is not possible, is this still the case for K2 Five?

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Hi Nathan,


We do not currently offer the ability to customize the K2 Workspace site, however if this is a functionality you would like to see in the future I highly recommend logging a feature request on our Ideas site here: Our ideas site gives customers the ability to request features or enhancements they would like to see in the product as well as vote on others' requests and provides increased visibility to our Product Management team to help them prioritize certain features.





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emilychilders is correct, there is no out of the box way to change it. Perhaps, you can build a custom Workspace report and link to it as a default workspace.

Thank you for the responses.

I have submitted an idea and will look into the customised workspace>