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  • 25 January 2024
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Hi I want to set up a deadline for the task and after 5 days the task should escalate to the user managers with the email. please help me with it. attaching a screenshot for your reference

tell me the steps to do it in a correct manner. 


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4 replies

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In your deadline behavior, you would create a new outcome called “Expired”. Then the decision after your task will have a line called “expired” that you can hook into whatever you want to happen in this scenario. Does this help put you on the right track?

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Have you considered Escalations?

They have been renamed reminders in the HTML 5 designer.  Instead of sending a Reminder email, the workflow redirects the task to any selected user.  

Escalate after 5 Days to Users Manager
Manager Lookup Configuration


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Hi @Sneh bharti 
Did these responses answer your question?

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Hi @MillaZ Yes