Using K2 with Adobe Sign

  • 14 June 2021
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I followed the K2 JavaScript Service Provider tutorials ( and was able to successfully upload a file to I've been reusing this working code to integrate with Adobe Sign but failing with NO_FILE_CONTENT error. The code snippet below seems to be the issue.


var form = new FormData();
// get file name

// get file content


The filename passes through fine. The content not so much. Any pointers?

1 reply

Hi @BazM ,


K2 is currently not providing a Out of the Box Service Broker to integrate with Adobe Sign. However, I have created a Custom Service Broker that can connect to Adobe Sign via REST API EndPoints using an Integration Key for Authentication. This custom service broker is built using RestSharp and Json.NET libraries which are bundled with K2 Five by default. The smart object created from this custom service broker has many methods that be used to upload a document to Sign, send an agreement for signature , download the signed agreement .etc. However note that to use this Custom Service Broker it's important to understand how things work on Adobe Sign.

A sneak-peek into the Smart Object:


Happy to connect and discuss further on this !


Thanks & Regards,