Transfer Data Label value from Form to Variables in workflow

  • 13 November 2023
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Hello There!


I need to transfer data label value from Form to variable in the workflow, I used two different form in this workflow (Submit Form & Review Form), So I transferred data from the submitted form successfully by using (On submitted button clicked) rule > then use (start a workflow) rule inside it and pass the value by (workflow fields) as shown here.


But the problem is when I need to transfer data from (Review Form) to the workflow and since I cannot use (start a workflow) rule I tried to use (Action a worklist item) rule to transfer the data to the workflow as shown here.


the data did not transfer to the workflow because I always get (Not Cancel) Action in the workflow which means the variable here is empty.

  • I’m pretty sure that the data label in (Review Form) contains value and it’s not empty.


I hope to find someone who can help me find a solution to my problem.

Many Thanks.

2 replies

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I assume you are using Action a worklist item rule with a valid SerialNo/Task and the Split occurs after the Task step completes correct?

If so, perhaps there is a data type issue.  What type is CheckCancel in the workflow?  What type is it on the Form?  You can also use a show a message box just before the action a worklist item rule to see CheckCancel has a value or not.

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Hi @Demah have you solved your question?