Pause workflow and wait for duration but continue if incoming HTTP request wakes up workflow

  • 8 December 2023
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I’m very new to Nintex K2, I also am not that familiar with the particulars of the different Nintex offerings, so I may be using incorrect technology or terminology here so Ill describe my use case as best as possible.

I am trying to build a workflow which includes a pause/sleep task to pause the execution of that workflow and I want it to be awoken/resumed by an external service making an HTTP call to it. I’m using the workflow cloud automation platform, is this possible and if so could you point me in the direction of any examples of how this is done?


Edit: On some pages I can see references to a task called ‘Wait on external system’ although I dont see any examples of this in the cloud designer.

3 replies

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You may want to post your question in the K2 Cloud forum for faster response with the right community of users.

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@Sasan Isnt that where my question resides? The link you posted shows my question within that forum?


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This is perhaps what you are looking for: