Error while execute list method in a Smart object

  • 19 February 2023
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I restore MS SQL database, and deploy K2 package, in smart object contains several methods to extract data as a list from tables, some methods work normally and provide data, other methods in the same smart object give following error:

Severity: Error
Error Message: Database 'dbname__OLD_Act_TBDel_ImportAt2024' cannot be opened because it is offline.
InnerException Message:

Note that if we create the method (that provided the error) in a new smart object, it works normally ...

1 reply

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For the method that is failing, is it using the same Service Instance as the working one?


The flow is usually:

SmartObject Method > Service Object Method > Service Instance Configuration > LOB system


Perhaps it is working when you manually create it because there are more than one Service Instances; one is pointed to the correct SQL server/database and one that is pointed to an invalid SQL server or where the database is offline.