Changing the From Address in workflow emails

  • 6 February 2024
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Has anyone changed the from email address to be the originator?  We have a request email that will automatically create a help desk ticket and then send an email back to the requester with the ticket number.  We are creating the ticket in Cherwell.

3 replies

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Hello @eriley , for the OOTB email event,  it is not possible to impersonate an email on a user or process basis at the moment.

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@eriley , you can do this if you use the Exchange Feature documented here. There are some caveats

  1. Send on behalf of permissions
  2. You would need to manually create the task email step (i.e the OOB task notification will not change, but you can easily recreate this using the Exchange Send Email action. You would need to build the SN - design is key here.
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Hi @eriley 
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