Add a user to an in-progress K2 workflow task

  • 14 July 2022
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Is there any possible way to add an additional user to an in-progress task? In my example, the workflow reached the user task and assigned individual user tasks to a set of people (each person received an email with their own task link). While that review task stays open for about 2 weeks, the business has requested to assign that task to an additional person. We don't want to delegate or re-assign any existing user's task because the original set of people still need to complete their task. However, we just want to assign that in-progress task to one more person. 

1 reply

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You used to be able to use Roles and it would sync them up however it looks like that is now deprecated.


Some less than ideal alternatives: 


If the list of people is retrieved from a SmartObject call then you can add that person in so that they are added to the list and then choose GoTo activity from the Management portal for that workflow definition.


This might not be suitable though as it will rerun any events that are part of the client task before the actual client event itself.   It will also send out notifications to those people, if any are specified.


In the future, you could maybe have a new line rule called re-plan, or something similar that points back to the same activity - but again any notifications will be resent.   You can get around this by calling an email event in its own activity before you start the client task, but in that case the email won't have access to the context of the task so directing the users to the task in that case would not be possible and directing them to a landing page with a task list would be more appropriate.