Trigger report print from smartform

  • 31 January 2017
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Is it feasible, using a custom control, to trigger a label print to a designated printer?  I would like to provide a button to print off a barcode label to a designated printer.  We have SQL reporting services and Jasper iReport servers at our disposal.  


Ideally, I would like to pass the barcode number and the printer name, which would automatically print out.  We are just in the middle of prototyping a solution and this is the only missing piece of functionality and would like to understand if this is possible before moving forward with the project.





1 reply

Hi Nathan


Not sure if this will be helpful, but take a look at the following community post on how to create a Print Button on a SmartForm.


If you are on a K2 4.6.5 (SmartForms 1.0.3) or later, you will need to enable the Literal Property on the control as well.