Text Area Watermark Font Size?

  • 26 July 2017
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Got a few text boxes and text areas on a List View and have added Watermarks to all boxes and set the text to Arial 12


-> The Text Boxes show the watermark in Arial 12


-> The Text Areas show the watermark in tiny Arial 8 (i.e. much smaller)


Why is this and how do i get the Text Area Watermark to be Arial 12?


If i type in the Text Area, the font is indeed Arial 12, so the problem is the Watermark font size...




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3 replies

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Hi Sharpharp1,


I think I have answered you on a similar post few weeks ago:


This seems to by a small bug in the UI, try to use JS to apply the style correctly.

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Hi Mustafa,


Thanks, got it working !!!

May I have the JS code to refer to?