Standard - Exchange Integration Permissions

  • 6 March 2017
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K2 Blackpearl Configuration Analysis result shows "Warning" for Standard - Exchange Integration Permission. 


Warning Message: 

Standard - Exchange Integration Permissions
Analysis Result: Warning.
The following rights are still required for Impersonation.
-Roleaased Access Control
Select Repair to attempt to grant these permissions. If the permission cannot be granted automatically, you can run the following command from the Exchange command prompt:
new-ManagementRoIeAssignment -RoIe:Applicationlmpersonation -User:""


We have ran above comment in Exchange Online Shell. account is configured as a part of the "Organization Management" role. 


However the warning message is still displaying and K2 Smartaction is not working.


K2 Blackpearl 4.7 and Exchange is Exchange Online. 


Appreciate for any advise. 








1 reply

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Hi ekyaw

Please follow the URL below to see the overall steps on how to do the configure Exchange process, the article provides as well as the Exchange permissions set up demonstration/walkthrough.