SmartObjects with a lot of records in DB problem loading

  • 12 April 2017
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So, I have a Oracle database and I have tables with lot of records (1000, 5000 or 10000). I created SmartObjects with Service Tester tool and I am trying to use these SOs on Smartforms (K2 Designer). I can make a view based on this SO with no problems. But, when I try to edit this view (item view or list view - it doesn't matter), it keeps loading forever. It takes a lot time to initialize this view. 


I tried to find a workaround, but I was unable to find a solution, altough I believe that there is a way to make life easier in Smartforms using Smartobjects based on tables with lot of records.


I would appreciate any help.

2 replies

Hi  @MysticAladin,


Have a look at the following thread:


Hope that helps



I have had issues similar to this. One thing I do is to make sure my list views are not calling the list method when the form loads. On list views on the General tab there is a check box that says "Call this method when form loads.". I uncheck this box and call the method when I need to call the list method. 



When initializing the form is there a rule that calls the list method for a control? Is it reading a smartobject and then filtering the data or is it calling the data required for that control?



Bryan Peters