Root and Subsite parameters when opeing forms in SharePoint model window



We try to use dynamic urls when using navigation rules in form buttons on K2 smartforms which works using the auto parameters (Root and Subsite), however this doesn't work when the SharePoint list is set to open in model window, which is often a genuine requirement.


I have tested this on different lists and its consistant and explains now why some of our save and cancel buttons don't navigate to the correct url on click (because the root/subsite values do not get passed to the form parameters).


Is this a known bug in K2 5, whould I raise a fault ticket, or this is expected behavoir that we just can't use if using model pop ups?


Thanks, Julie

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What are you using to open the modal window? Are you using a smartforms rule? If you are using a smartforms rule to open a view or form in the modal window, you should be able to specify the parameters passed to be passed into the view or form.




Thanks for the reply.


I'm not referring to a sub view or subform.  That will work fine.  The model window I am referring to is the OOTB sharepoint model window which you set in the list settings.


For example, If I have a display form and set a rule on the cancel button to navigate back to the sharepoiut list, the K2 smartform which is opened within the model window just returns an ootb 'form submitted' and doesn't actually go anywhere.


If I switch off the model window setting and open the k2 form then the navigate to url (using the root/subsite parameters) does work.


I did a test to show the root and subsite url on the form itself using a data label (to test it was being passed) and when opened in the dialogue window it is empty but when opened without it shows the url as expected.