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  • 11 February 2021
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Hello All

We are in 4.7 version

We will have a PDF in which QRCode exist we need to read QR code

How can we achieve this in K2

Do we have QRCode reader control in K2?

4 replies


Im not entirely sure if this will work, but its worth a look:


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@Prineel: I checked this but not sure where do i get that control ?

All smartobjects and code used in video

Hi @harishehealth & @HARISHJALLIGAMA ,


He seems to be using some kind of QR code API/service that he has registered as a service instance via the SmartObject Service Tester.exe found in K2’s bin folder. He ufortuanately does not show which QR code Api/service he used, nor how he did it. However the K2 barcode control maybe able to read 2D codes (such as QR codes):

  • K2 uses device-specific libraries to interpret barcodes, so the ability to read different formats depends on the formats that the device’s barcode libraries understand. See Machine Readable Object Types for iOS devices and Barcode API Overview for Android devices.


Im not sure is this control is available in 4.7 or how it will read from a PDF, but it is available in K2 Five and it can be read from an image attachment control. I will attach the full k2 Barcode document. 

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