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  • 26 October 2018
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I am a newbie to k2. I have created a list view that accesses the database through the smart object. There are like 2000 or even more than records in my database. they don't get uploaded on the smart form. Is there any limit on the list view to show the records. How to accomplish this task?


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5 replies

Do you mean your list view is not showing every records from your database table?

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Can you elaborate here? 

Does the SmartForm not show all the records from the database?

Do you have some filter or paging enabled on your ListView?



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I have search our records and I came across a document that could be of help.

The document is about the list view settings, I have attached a screen shot of where you should put your focus when configuring the list view.




see link:


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Hi Thabang,


Thanks very much for your help. 

I have heard paging has some effect on the performance. The smart form page loads slowly with paging.

Can you please tell me if I am wrong?

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I haven't experienced any unusual performance issues when turning on paging, but it depends on what your list view is doing... if it has some logic on it or expressions for values on each row it could be slow. But if it is just simply displaying the list data it should be ok. In general, though, having a list of thousands of records isn't very useful to the end user and, if possible, try to implement some filtering to give them a smaller list of records by default but allow them to go to "all items" if they need to.