Integration of K2 with Ui Path Studio

  • 20 February 2018
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Does anyone have idea of integration of K2 blackpearl with Ui Path Studio.







4 replies



I'm not familar with UiPath Studio. Reading from their document link (

UiPath 8 does expose Rest service endpoint which can be used by third party application. It sounds like you can build a swagger file out of UIPath Studio's Rest Service endpoint and connect to K2 via K2 Rest broker (OOTB Rest broker is available in 4.7 and K2 Five). can help with building swagger file. ( In addition, Chrome's Postman tool allows you to share the URL of the Postman application, this can be imported into ResUnited and generate the swagger file too. 

@Hemant, can you explain what you are trying to achieve with UIPath and K2. There are a number of integration scenarios. If you can provide us with a use case, it would be easier to advise you of the best option



UiPath Studio has Web Activites package that you can download and to be able to call K2 Rest APIs from Studio. Please feel to ping me if you have a question I've done the duedilligence on our new UiPath integrations and would be glad to help.




Scott,  I  am deep dodo trying to license the Community Edition on a VM.  Have you done it.

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