I wonder if is possible to load CSS, JS and HTML Files from a BlackPearl resource....

  • 17 March 2017
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So looking to the ProgressBar in CSS and some other nice features, is possible to create a Data Label and feed with an Expresion that could be Text of Concat to parse CSS, JS or HTML. making it literal the code just works and execute in the browser.


The only problem is the Format is not pretty and readable... yes our documentation is in OneNote stored in Sharepoint, but wonder if would be possible to have those .CSS Files, .JS Files and .HTML perhaps stored or sitting there somewhere else. this is prior to have in a SQL Database, is just playing in the view to bring those elements to live and be able to read/modify without have to re-open the scramble text.


Eventually this could be extended to a images. to make it much more scalable and not just get limited to the pictures that have to be uploaded in the tool. because what if you like to put every single flag of the world. sounds like to many resources for a small .ico image....


Anyhow just wondering if there is some way to render those files. assuming they are sitting somewhere ready to be retrieved and execute it.



1 reply

Hello K2CaveMen


I have been rolling my eyes on some previous posts here, and somehow, I came across the very same question being asked by another participant. See if the information under the same problem discussion helps on the following URL http://community.k2.com/t5/K2-blackpearl/K2-Blackpearl-capabilities-and-HTML-5-CSS-3-usage-in-K2/td-p/64520