HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.



I'm installing K2 4.7 blackpearl and smartforms and the installation completed successfully but when I browse to anything, workspace or design I get the "The service is unavailable" error.


I have noticed my smartform application pool is stopped and when I start it, it automatically stops itself.

I have checked the IIS_IUSRS and the pool account is added.

Right now I'm confused on what to check, Please advise.

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Hi Ziphoh,


Kindly checkout the below link, seems related to the issue that you have encountered.


Also ensure that your K2 Service is up and running


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Good day Ziphoh,


In addition to what KateV has provided could you also please check the following link as well as it deals around the same issue and has further troubleshooting steps that can help to resolve your issue.


Best regards,


Hi  @Ziphoh 


I think the 2 previous mail will answer your issue. It might be the account used for the SmartForms application pool. 


Could you please also check on the Event Viewer, if you have any related error message? 




Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies, really appreciate it.
Unfortunately the pool account has access everywhere it needs to have access but still the smartforms application pool doesn't want to start.

The K2 blackpearl pool is started using the service account. I have also changed the smartforms pool to use service account but it didn't help, it still won't start.