How to add escalation in k2 designer ?

  • 29 October 2018
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Hi all,

Im trying to add an escalation to a user task in my workflow using k2 designer, but I dont see the option of adding the escalation when I right click on the user task as it shown on k2 documentations.  is there another way to add the escalation to the user task ?

Im using k2 4.7


Thank you.


3 replies

Hi Mounir,


This post may match with the issue that you are seeing:


Similar issues have resulted from use of windows 7 machines and IE version.


Hope that helps!



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Hi Mounir,


Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing when you right click?



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I have noticed that you created your workflow using K2 Designer, another way you can add an escalation to the user task could  be through the use of K2 studio.

You can recreate the workflow with K2 studio and follow the provided document, see link:


See screen shot:


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