Drop Down List Field not selectable on Editable List

Anyone able to test if they can assign a Field to a Drop Down List on the Add/Item Edit area of the Editable List View.


The Field says (None), but when i try to pick the field i was to assign to it, it still says None on the properties....


The problem is when i do a save method, it is not saving the result of the Drop downlist, presumably because a field has not been chosen, but if it won't let me assign a field, how can i save the result?


The field in the Smartobject is TYPE: memo


Is it another bug?



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It sounds like this view is no longer referencing the smartobject. I have had an issue like this before. I just deleted the view and recreated it from the SmartObject. I was then able to select a property when I added a dropdown menu. Has this view been packaged and deployed by any chance? Make sure the "Data Source" it listed under the "General" tab of the view.



Bryan Peters

Hey Bryan,


Thanks for your reply.


Managed to get a workaround for this by having a play around...


I originally had the control defaulting to a Drop-Down List (which is what i wanted), but like i said, you cannot select a FIELD, so its pointless because a SAVE method will not save the result. Whether this is another bug, only k2 will know.


My workaround was changing the control type to a Choice and then choosing the display type as Drop-down, this then allowed me to choose a field and save method works...


Why do K2 have two control types which do the same thing, but yet one doesn't allow fields (drop down list), while the other does (choice)........?



am thinking that you are trying to bound drop down list with a wrong type of field ...

this is the only reason i think k2 will not allow you to bound them together...

if u were trying to bound string value drop down list with an integer field from smart object..



I'm 100% with Bryan... the reference is not pointing correctly for whatever reason....


I found this myself some times, the way got fixed remove the field from the view and re-drag, change again to dropdown or whaterver the control is using that field. Finish the references to the right SMO and you should be good to go.


Hope this Helps.