Difference between Open and Action a worklist

  • 26 March 2016
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What is the difference between Open a Worklist Item and Action a Worklist item?

How should they be used? and in which cases?




2 replies

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Dear ,


Open worklist item , literaly means "open" , its opening the worklist item ,

lets say u got activity named "X" , if u have smartform event , or any client event , the k2 studio will auto generate a rule in the smart form to open the worklist item X

this rule will change the status of the task item from available to open , also it is used when u want to retrieve data from workflow data fields to smartform fields ,


Action worklist item , its actioning the task , if we use the same example like "X" activity , and u have smartform client event ,

u will need a submit button to move the task from activity X to activity Z for example , this submit button , how will it know wt action to do ? or how to move to next activity ? the "action worklist item" will define that , depending on the "actions" u define previously in k2 studio activity , in the smartform wizard u will need to define wt actions could the user perform , (Approve , Reject) .


I hope my explanation helps and make sense ,


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Hi Ahmad and Will,

I would like a smart form submitter to action a task as he is in the form but has not yet clicked submit. If I put in a smart form event before the submit event, will “Open a worklist Item” allow me to do this? The sequence would go something like this

  • Open an new form
  • Fill in the non default info required
  • Click a button to reveal another view with terms and conditions. It also displays the footer which holds the drop down list for the task actions.
  • Submitter reads the terms and conditions and them chooses what action he wants to take
  • Clicks Submit
  • Form goes on to the next client activity.