Deleting parallel Workflow tasks

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I would like to enable process administrator to have ability to cancell all paralell task in time when not all task are completed (no task completed, some of them completed). One of 7 tasks has also one serial User task (User task 6.1.), which should be also canceled in this case.


For me best solution will be without creating extra "admin" User task for admin, but some solution within Form Edit rules if possible.


Workflow overview:


User task 0 (after user defines which task will be created of 7 (1-7))

Blank activity (gateway) in which are Defined line rules (if Yes than go to task 1..7)

User task 1, User task 2, User task 3, User task 4, User task  5, User task 6, User task 7 (and User task 6.1.)

Blank activity (wait all to complete, i managed with field 1, field 2, .. to destinguis if task was completed)


Plese find enclosed WF diagram.


I appreciate any help!





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If you simply want to create a admin portion you need to create an activity with code that says K2.Gotoactivity("Cancellation", true). Tehre is a code reference in K2 dev reference site. Once you do that it will expire all existing active activity and send the task to Cancellation activity (or whatever activity you want to send). 

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Thank you for guidline.


Since I'm not developer (I dont have Mic. Studio) and right click didn't show me option View Code to insert GoToActivity, I choosed easier way. I managed it with new parralel path (with admin user task), which takes place from start till end of whole process. With this solution I can cancell all active task.