Datatype of File Attachement changed to memo during deployment



While delploying the file datatype changed to memo. Now the customer is unable to download the files. How do I fix the problem?

Where can I find the attached files?


Please let me know your suggestions.




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hello  Suni


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Hey Suni,


The file datatype was changed to 'Memo' because the SQL column type is nvarchar(max) or another similar type. This is expected behavior regarding the SQL Service Instance becuase it is not smart enough to realize this column should be a file. The SQL broker reads the nvarchar(max) type and creates a Memo type property on the SmartObject.


We can resolve this issue by navigating to the SmartObject in K2 Designer and changing the type from 'Memo' to 'File'. However, please note, that if you regenerate SmartObjects, the type will most likely be changed back to Memo and you will have to manually change it back to 'File'.