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  • 30 April 2019
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I have a list created by a smartobject which is integrated with SP on prem. Once an item has been approved, I want t take certain data elements from that smartobject and added it to a SharePoint Calendar. I have no idea where to start for this last part. I am running version 4.7 at the moment and my SP is 2013


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Hi DaDiva,



On your application what elements do you wish to pull through on your smart object because?

You can make use of the K2 smart forms you can utilize the calendar control which will provide you with a full size, drag and drop calendar that makes use of any K2 smart object that consists of a start date and an end date as a data source. It contains three views which are the month view, wee and day view. It also makes use of supporting multiple data sources for displaying events from different data sources.


The following link has specific documentation instructions on how to use the calendar control and contains a small how-to tutorial to familiarize yourself with the functionalities of the above-mentioned calendar control properties.


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i ended up creating a SharePoint workflow to kick off after a status changed on the k2 list in SharePoint. It would then add to the SharePoint calendar and send a calendar invite to the originator so they can add it to their personal calendar.