controlutil.exe just closing

  • 27 March 2018
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Hi All,


This is the first time I am trying to register some custom controls, but when trying to open controlutil.exe, it just close and I am unable to register the controls.


Could anyone give me some assistance?

5 replies

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Good day  @JG26,



Please see below documentation to help you better understand  Deploying and Registering Custom Controls.


And also run the command as administrator.


Kind ergards


Hi Themba,


Thank you for the reply, I have run it as administrator and it still closes - this is what is baffling me.


Thanks again.

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Have you tried opening a command prompt, then using it to run controlutil? If you just run controlutil.exe directly, it will just closes automatically if it encounters an error. If you launch it from a command prompt, it should show you the error and not closes the command prompt.

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Would you mind sharing the event logs to see if there's anything relevant recorded whenever you open the controlutil utility?

Hi  @JG26;


Open cmd(Admin)-->(cd)redirects the path to point to the k2 blackpearl... incontrolutil.exe

please see attached screenshot on how i did it.