Active Directory User account name and email address issue in Task Assignment Notification



I have an AD account name called user1 and domain is Email address that i configured in AD is However when task is assigned via workflow, task is successfully assigned to user1 and listed in work list. however email notification couldn't be received. After checking, k2 sent the email to I have another account user2 and email is The account received the notification after task assignment. 


May I know how K2 retrieve the email address from the AD user account. If account name and email address are different, k2 send the email to But it doesn't send to email address that is configured in AD. 


When I ran "Get User Detail" method under UMUser smartobject using SmartObjectTester tool for user1, email address is When i ran "Get Users", email address is Seem like workflow get the email address from "Get User Detail" method but it is wrong email. how can i point the workflow to get correct one which is from "Get Users"?

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Did you perhaps have User1 registered with email and then later change the email address? If so then the Users details in the K2 identity cache is just not up-to-date.

You can use the tool below to force refresh the user’s details to the K2 identity cache




Thanks for the reply.


Found that user couldn't be resolved in User Role Manager. There are  12 different domains are configured. If "Ignore Foreign Identity" checkbox is checked, User Role Manager could resolve the user. If "Ignore Foreign Identity" is unchecked, User Role Manager couldn't resolve the user. Do you have any idea why User Role Manager couldn't resolve the user if "Ignore Foreign Identity" is unchecked. 



Eric Kyaw

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Sorry man have no idea.

My understanding of the "Ignore Foreign Principles" is that K2 will then ignore the objects returned from a foreign domain via a Group membership. I think your best route will be to open a K2 support ticket on this one. 


When logging add the HostServer Log and ADUM logs to the ticket where the issue was reproduced.