Track Document History from Assure Sign

  • 4 September 2022
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We are sending Document Using Assure Sign to Customer from Salesforce from opportunity Object but the File History is not available to end users in Salesforce. How can we make this available? anyone knows?

4 replies

anyone have any suggestions or guidance on this?
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Hi Ankit,

Are you using AssureSign with Drawloop? If so, this will depend on the package version you're on:


18.5 or above: The new object that tracks envelope is called Nintex AssureSign Envelope object. If you would like this to show up as a related list from the object you're running from, then you'll need to create a custom lookup field to the object you're running from on the Nintex AssureSign Envelope object. The AssureSign delivery option should automatically track back without having to setup a webhook.


18.1 to 18.4: You will need to setup a Webhooks on your AssureSign template that you are using:

The object is called AssureSign Envelope History object.


Hope this answers your question.

We are on version 18.5 and we are running the DDP from Opportunity Object. I have added the Opportunity Lookup on Nintex AssureSign Object but still that is not getting populated.


Problem I guess is we are not getting back the assure sign envelope data back into salesforce.

Thanks Natsu,
We were on the latest version for both Assure Sign and Nintex DocGen.

Tech team did help in identifying and resolving the issue. It was related to Assure Sign Server setup. Team change the Server pointing to a different server than it worked and also help in load balancing.