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  • 18 April 2022
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Currently when created a recipient with the order of 11 our documents are getting two signing tags populated. It seems that both signing tag dl.signhere1 and dl.signhere11 are both populated as if drawloop is reading the 1 on both tags and populating. Has anyone else had this issue, or know of a setting or solution for this?



1 reply

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Hi @josh_berrong,


Thanks for posting. Yes, we have seen this before. There are two 2 options which are detailed below:

Option 1: ( the Drawloop side configuration)
1. Start the Signers at Signing recipient # 10 rather than #1. This will stop the Duplicate numbering at Signing 10 and beyond. 

2. Then update the Tags in the document. 



Option 2: ( Docusign Side)

1. Do not pass the Signing options from the Drawloop side. ( remove them from the recipient section
2. Create a Document Custom Field with slashes around the tag "/"
DocuSign looks for the absolute of the Tag, and the slashes will isolate that behavior.



Either option should resolve your issue. - let us know! Thanks!