Print Envelopes with Nintex Docgen

  • 13 August 2022
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Looking for a way to print envelopes alongside pdf letters generated in Salesforce. I have not seen this called out in any documentation so wondering if this can be done with the DocGen package for Salesforce. Currently there is a DocGen Package sending PDFs to the DocGen Queue from individual opportunity records. We would like each of these documents to also have a printed envelope. 



2 replies

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Hi there,

Do you have an example of an envelope you want to create?



I do not have an example at the moment. Most likely these would be printed directly to letter sized envelopes. 


The solution I have considered is creating the envelope as a docx file using merge fields from the Field Tagger and adding that document to an existing DocGen Package. From there we would print alternating pages to get the documents first, followed by letters on a separate print. 


The alternative I had considered was configuring a second DocGen Package that would result in the document and envelope having their own DocGen Queue records so that either/or could be grouped into PDFs for printing.