Lightning Experience DocGen Designer - Beta Details

  • 28 November 2018
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In the 15.0 update of the Nintex DocGen for Salesforce application, released December 21, 2018, we introduced a beta version of our new Lightning Experience DocGen Designer, a new DocGen Package management interface that is optimized for the Salesforce Lightning Experience. The new interface allows you to create and modify DocGen Packages using a single screen; no more jumping from page to page to perform tasks and you no longer need Adobe Flash to manage DocGen Packages.


Beta Program Details

Enabling the new DocGen Designer signs you up for our beta program. This beta program provides you early access to the new Lighting Experience DocGen Designer allowing you to preview the feature early before we release a version for General Availability (GA). Support for the Lightning Experience DocGen Designer will be limited during the beta program; see below for details. As part of the beta program, we may contact you for your opinion regarding the Designer, or you may be prompted for quick feedback in the application.


Beta Feature Support

This beta version is a work in progress. The following features are currently available:

  • Create, view, edit, and delete record-based DocGen Packages. Scheduled and form-based DocGen Packages are currently not supported.
  • Add, view, edit, remove, or sort DocGen Package Templates. Templates can be included from Salesforce Documents, Salesforce Libraries, Visualforce pages, and Salesforce Reports. Support for Templates stored in Office 365 is planned.
  • Add, view, edit, create, and delete Download Delivery Options.
  • View, edit, create, and delete Salesforce Email Delivery Options.


Every effort has been made to ensure that the underlying functionality of the new designer is maintains classic support, presenting only a new user interface for your DocGen Package management. While the Lightning Experience DocGen Designer is in beta, it will not share the same support policy as features that are released for General Availability. During the beta period, support will only be provided for the Classic DocGen Package manager. While we are gathering feedback for the Designer during its beta period, if you encounter any issues we first ask that you disable the Designer from the DocGen Admin tab and try again to complete your task using our Classic DocGen Package management interface.


Beta Feedback

If you would like to provide feedback on the new Designer, you can submit your thoughts, along with any optional screenshots you may take, using the Lightning Experience DocGen Designer feedback form.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable/disable the new Designer?

In the Nintex Drawloop DocGen application, navigate to the DocGen Admin tab. On the Home page for the DocGen Admin tab, you can enable or disable the Lightning Experience DocGen Designer.


Can I provide feedback?

Of course! While you are using the new Designer, you may see some questions appear asking what you think. We've also created a form that will allow you to submit any comments or questions you may have. 


When will the Lightning Experience DocGen Designer be Generally Available?

We are still ironing out when we plan to release a GA version of the new Designer. We will update this FAQ as soon as we have news. 


When will Feature X be released for the Lightning Experience DocGen Designer?

We plan to release a new version of Nintex Drawloop DocGen for Salesforce every month with increased feature support to match our Classic management system. We plan to post a roadmap outlining when we aim to release specific features.


Known Issues

The following is a list of known issues that may impact your use of the Lightning Experience DocGen Designer.

  • The menus for Relationships are sometimes hidden behind other Relationships.
  • Creating a Stand Alone Data Relationship in the Designer will cause a DocGen run to error as a filter is required. Filters for Relationships are not yet supported.
  • The Lightning Experience DocGen Designer is not compatible with the following optional controls when enabled:
  • Viewing DocGen Packages for deleted or disabled Salesforce Objects will result in errors. 

2 replies

Hi @SamSysum 

So what is the status of this Beta? Since Adobe Flash Player will not be supported after December 2020.

Thank you.

Any news on this? Is there a timeline to when Forms will be supported? @SamSysum Java is expiring in 4 months!