Generating 3x10 mailing labels from unrelated opportunities

  • 12 November 2020
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I'm trying to generate a document in Salesforce to print onto mailing labels. The labels come on standard size paper with 3 columns and 10 rows. 


We send a letter to the Primary Contact of every Opportunity that's Closed Won. I can generate the letters just fine, but generating the labels is another story.


I have 2 hurdles:

  1. Combining address fields from multiple unrelated Primary Contacts onto one document.
  2. Replication horizontally across columns. Can section replication work for this?

I appreciate any help you could offer.





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@kverburg Check out the following how to it should help(

Thank you @leighburke, I made a lot of progress from that article. I'm now able to combine contact info from multiple unrelated Contacts onto a single document that's formatted into the correct rows & columns.


However, combining unrelated Contacts necessitated pulling the data from an “Unrelated Data” source.

This untethered the DocGen package from its main object (Record Type: Opportunity), with the result that the Package no longer selects records from reports in "Mass DocGen – Opportunities". Instead, it tries to select records from every Contact in the database.


It looks like we’re supposed to select records using the filters at the bottom of the Contact Relationship, but without Cross Filters I can’t. (I need Contacts with Opportunities that have a specific field blank.)


Is there a way to combine info from unrelated Contacts, while selecting records from a report?




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@kverburg  Have you looked at using a SOQL relationship to see if you can get it the data you are looking for?

Not yet!


Would this be a Relationship in addition to my existing Contact Relationship, or instead of?

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@kverburg instead of, I haven't testing it just thinking out loud for you. The other idea was potentially using excel as middleware and and some excel logic to fix the data.