creating client feedback form to use in Salesforce

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I am trying to determine what the ideal starting point for us to build out forms. For our client feedback forms, I want to store the form results in Salesforce and they need to relate to a client record. If I start as a form, I would use the form link to send an email to a client to fill In the form and have Nintex create the record in SF and pass the data through. How do I relate this new client feedback record to the parent record?




It seems that I may need to start in Salesforce but forms are only available as a starting point or as a communication component which then requires it to be a task where the only recipient can be users of Nintex.


Separately, there is also Nintex Workflow for Salesforce Forms but how are we supposed to use this as the only app available is the doc generator for drawloop in Salesforce app exchange.

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@ky1117sg What is the trigger that starts the process? Is this customer driven and where would the customer be accessing the form(Salesforce Community, company webpage), or something you would initiate on your end.


This would be something we'd initiate on our end.  We want to get some feedback from our clients and will be sending them a form we create from Nintex that would link to salesforce.  (Which we're not sure how to start.) We'd like to keep the record of their feedback on their account on salesforce.   

Any help would be so appreciated.  

Thank you!!!

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@ky1117sg  Below are the options I would suggest:


I'll give it a try. 

Thank you so much.