Addition of oldValue and newValue fields to the History objects

  • 24 October 2022
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Currently functionality is limited to the objects related history per name, id, createdby, etc, but does not include the oldValue and newValue to show the actual updates. 

3 replies

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Thanks for reaching out. This issue is isolated to SOQL at this time. You should be able to use a StandAlone Data relationship and it will be able to pull the right data:



I did try this before with two support representatives and despite the queries seeming valid, those two fields the oldValue and newValue are always blank. I've had to refresh and migrate templates, so I'll be retesting this today. 

Testing again yielded the same results; we were able to get the column names and other fields, but not the old and new values. I have receive communication from Robbie and Ashton and will confirm, but was told this feature is perhaps in development or will be implemented soon. 


Will follow up after our meeting which will take place within a week. The date is still being set. 


Thank you.