I can't solve this questions in certification exam and I got 79!

  • 13 November 2023
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I’m newer in RPA and Nintex technology.
I tried more and more (6 times) and the 4 questions above I can’t solve it .

Any One Can help me.. Thanks alot.


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11 replies

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@Ahmed_Tanga - can you please confirm which exam this is from?

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Certification: Nintex RPA Attended Automation Developer.



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any help.. please

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We will review the exam to ensure the accuracy of the questions and answers. If we find issues, we will adjust the exam and report back here. However, we do not provide answers. 



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Okay you are right but, I can't find any tutorial for understanding why I answer fault to this questions.

No to answer me but support me with link or explan to me how to answer my questions

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Have you looked at the Nintex RPA Help documentation? Specifically, the documentation for blocks/bubbles.


I will say, Question 9 from your screenshot is formatted in a way that is confusing - “Choose the one”, but also, “Choose all correct answers”.

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Thank you, @bsikes  - I’ll look into the wording on that one.

@Ahmed_Tanga - We have several courses for you to take regarding Nintex RPA. From the Catalog tab, set the Product menu to RPA and click Apply.


The Catalog will refresh and display all content related to Nintex RPA.


It’s also worth noting that you state that you are new to both RPA and Nintex technology. However, you are attempting to pass an expert-level exam. Expert-level exams assume a high level of system knowledge to pass, so it’s not something you should be jumping into without taking time with the product and its features.

I will work with my team to get the questions in this exam reviewed to remove any confusing wording.


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@bsikes - 

The question you pointed out has been updated:



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@bsikes Thanks for you response.
@Nintex_Sam Thanks alot. 
My issue has fixed thanks so much..

I have another that is I searched more and more for direct link to download Kryon Studio  and send to support team in Nintex University but with no result.

Can you help me with the kind IDE working with?
download from where?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Ahmed El-Tange
Try to be Newer RPA Developer 

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@Ahmed_Tanga - Did you contact Nintex Support or Nintex University? I’m not seeing anything in our inbox from you. However, we - the Nintex University team - do not have access to create systems/licenses for products. You’d need to work with your CSM/Partner Manager for that.


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@Nintex_Sam - I contact Nintex Support and we doesn’t get a solution for my situation. 
 I can’t understand which familiar IDE can develop in it to be RPA Developer.
Why every thing is confusing things. 
 videos explain technology, the student is doing more and more effort for download IDE?
I can’t understand.

However, I want a help or advice for getting Kyron Studio for practice and develop with nintex RPA.