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  • 15 February 2022
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Our Nintex Ideas site allows you to submit new enhancement requests or vote on existing requests that add value to the Nintex Process Platform. Our Product Management regularly visits the site to check the feedback left. When creating a new enhancement request, please:

  • Check if there is an existing enhancement request already for the feature.
  • Votes significantly increase the weight of the enhancement request. Adding a vote and commenting on an existing feature request is the best way to raise its priority.
  • If there are no existing feature requests for the idea:
    • Create a brief title describing what the idea is about.
    • Write a summary of the enhancement, the problem it solves, and what the current product does instead.
    • Include a use case for the new feature. (i.e., when doing XYZ, this would allow the Nintex product to do ABC).
    • Describe the impact this feature would have, for example, how much time or resources this would save.
    • Add any additional material that could help Product Management better understand the idea by including screenshots, mockup screenshots, etc.

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