upgrade steps from K2 Five to 5.2

We're going to start upgrading to K2 5.2. I was wondering if anyone had experienced any issues, as well as if you all have any input on the recommended steps to take to ensure a smooth transition.

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Hi  @evandberry

I have recently upgraded from k2 5.0-5.1 to K2 5.2 ,although i had met problems that where solved using this article, https://help.k2.com/kb002606

What you need to know when upgrading
  • You can upgrade to K2 Five (5.2) from both K2 4.7 and K2 Five (5.0 or 5.1).
  • You cannot upgrade directly from K2 4.7 to K2 5.2 if you have 4.7 installed on-premises with the K2 database in Azure SQL. In this case, you must first upgrade your K2 4.7 installation to K2 Five (5.0), then upgrade to K2 Five (5.1) and then to K2 Five (5.2).
  • The delete option in SmartObject Security (K2 Management>Integration>SmartObject Security) has been deprecated, for more information on the expected upgrade behavior change and manual configuration see KB0002667.
  • In this release access to the K2 Designer site is solely controlled by configuring rights using the Designer node in K2 Management. For more information on the change in behavior see KB002722 - K2 Designer rights changes in behavior.
  • Refer to KB002384 - Known issue: Value cannot be null Error Upgrading to K2 Five (5.1) before upgrading, if affected you must run a script to fix the error before continuing with the upgrade.
  • The K2 installer now blocks installations if your SQL Azure databases do not meet the minimum requirement. See the Compatibility and Support Matrix for the minimum supported version.
  • If you are upgrading from K2 4.7, read KB002045 for all the information on install changes, considerations, changes in the product, and how these affect your current environment.
  • Before upgrading to K2 Five (5.2) ensure all App artifacts in the category All Items/Apps/K2/Framework/Coreincluding all child categories of the Core category are checked in. Failure to do so will result in a failed upgrade. See KB002419 for the resolution if you have already upgraded before checking in the artifacts.
  • If you are using K2 for SharePoint and upgrading from K2 4.7 there is an updated app available. You must upgrade the K2 for SharePoint app and re-run the K2 for SharePoint registration wizard.
  • If you are upgrading from K2 Five (5.0 or 5.1) and use the K2 for SharePoint app, do not run App Deployment only rerun the registration wizard after the upgrade.
  • As of K2 5.1, SharePoint Application Accelerators are no longer available. Existing applications based on SharePoint Application Accelerators continue to function, but the ability to deploy new applications based on these Accelerators has been removed and replaced with K2 Apps.
  • In K2 Five you had the ability to grant people API administrator rights allowing them to administer Workflow REST and OData APIs. The rights were configured in the API Administrators section in K2 Management> Integration> API Configuration. In K2 Five (5.1) the API Administrators rights are part of the Server Administrator and can no longer be separately configured. The API Administrators section in the K2 Management> Integration> API Configuration node is removed.
  • If you upgraded to K2 Five from K2 4.7 and had the Sort By SmartBox setting enabled in the Legacy Design tools, after upgrading to K2 Five (5.2) the selection will be disabled in the database and you need to manually enable the new SmartObject property index setting on the SmartObject.

Resolved Items in K2 Five (5.2) (5.0003.1000.2)

The following issue is addressed in the latest version of 5.2. See KB002875 - Invalid Roles Detected during Setup for more information.

Fix Packs

Fix Packs contain fixes for issues reported in K2 Five (5.2). K2 recommends that you test these Fix Packs before you deploy to a production environment. For a listing of fix packs for this version of K2 Five, see KB002760.

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Thanks for the info Widson. 


I've actually read that article. I was hoping to get some feedback from anyone in the community who's already gone through the upgrade. 


Has anyone encountered any issues? Is this a quick and easy process? What should we backup, if anything, before beginning? Those kinds of things

Good day evandberry


I have recently upgraded my environment to K2 5.2 and can testify that is is quite a seamless process and fast as well. From my experience environments can take anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours to upgrade depending on the scope of your environment. If you have read through the release notes and gave special attention to the "What you need to know when upgrading" heading you should be good to go.


To answer your question on what to back up:

  • It is important to have a backup of your database.
  • Backups for other aspects of K2 are always a good practice. These aspects entail your environments (Checkpoints on your environment or packages), SharePoint, etcetera.
  • This does not mean you will use them but it is good practice to have everything on backup if issues arise.


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Kind regards


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Hi evanberry,


I upgraded to 5.2 early this week, The issue I came accross was with sharepoint and I managed to fix it by running repair on the setup manager.
Whatever issue you might run into I would advice you run repair on setup manager to fix it. Like JacquesP already mentioned it is important to backup your database and other aspects of K2.
This helps incase something goes wrong during your upgrade process.


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K2 will not accept any liability for any issues arising from actions taken in respect of the information provided by any forum member

Hi evandberry

Thank you for the feedback, Could you please provide us with more content to enlighten us on a particular k2 artifact perhaps we can do necessary repos and continue Ongoing investigations.

Thank you.