Update/deploy legacy workflow in K2 Five 5.3

  • 29 October 2019
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We have upgraded our K2 server from K2 blackpearl 4.6.5 to K2 Five 5.3 this month. And now, there is one legacy workflow has bug need to fix. Which K2 Studio version shall we use and where can I found the download? Thanks.

5 replies

Good day Qun


Please go through the following post titled “Upgrade existing K2 4.7 workflow to K2 Five workflow”, here: https://community.k2.com/t5/K2-Five/Upgrade-existing-K2-4-7-workflow-to-K2-Five-workflow/td-p/111271.





Hello   @Qun


To fix legacy workflows in 5.3 please apply fixpack 1. More information to be found here: https://help.k2.com/kb003098


Here is the download link: https://portal.k2.com/products/k2five5-3fix-pack1







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Hello  @Qun 


Please try these troubleshooting steps:

1. Launch K2 Setup Manager from the K2 Installer
2. Select modify and click next
3. Uncheck the K2 Client Component ‘K2 for Visual Studio 2012’ or the one you have installed already.
4. Click next until the K2 Setup Manager finishes
5. Try to open your K2 Solution which should open without the error appearing.

6. Your bug might have dissapeared

 All the best.

Good day  @Qun,

Please, could you kindly specify more on the bug that you are facing, what behavior are you experiencing and what error message is displayed?

And if possible could you please provide screenshots.


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Thank all.


Old K2 server is K2 4.6.5 with 60+ workflows, and we installed K2 studio 4.6.5 on our lp to develop and deploy workflow.


We upgraded it to K2 Five 5.3 and we found one workflow has a bug (our business logic has issue, not k2 server issue) need to fix. So we need to install the proper version K2 studio, update and redeploy that workflow to K2 Five.


Last post I asked which K2 studio version shall we use and where can we download it. Yesterday I found the answer, the K2 studio is included in the K2 installation. And I found this guide.



So I download the lastest K2 Five installation K2 (5.0004.1000.2), I follow the step by step. But on "Checking for Latest Version" page, I click the next button and it shows me "Database Configuration" page. The "Installation Type" and "Select Components" pages are not shown. And after DB configuration page, it asks for the license key. So I stop it.


1, Launch the K2 Setup Manager.
2, On the Welcome page, click Next.
3, On the Checking for Latest Version page, the installation will verify the version, click Next.
4, On the End User License Agreement page, read through the EULA. You must select the I agree to the terms and conditions of the license option before you can continue with the installation. You can print out the EULA for your records. Once you have read the EULA, click Next.
5, On the Installation Type page, select the Custom Installation option and type in an Installation Folder, and click Next.
6, On the Select Components page, uncheck everything except the K2 Package and Deployment component and then click Next to continue.
7, On the Database Configuration page, provide the details for the K2 Database



Compared the screenshot, the K2 setup manager version is 5.1008.0000.0 in the installation guide, but mine is 5.0004.1000.2.