Tracking Application Versions Across Environments

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Just wondering how do you manage application versioning across environments? I know that K2 tracks versions of all its components,  but these version numbers do not travel across environments when we do packaging and deployment, and we end up struggling sometimes to verify, for instance, whether UAT and PROD are having the same version of the app or not.

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Hi mitwallim,


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Thanks @kateV . Will do. I still hope to see how the community is handling this need at the moment. 

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As part of our application lifecycle, we make sure our environments get updated in lockstep. That is, when we do a release for a particular application, I build a package off of DEV that has all of the components for that application, even if they weren’t updated in this release (all forms, views, processes and SmartObjects used by the application). This package then goes to UAT, so at that point we are certain DEV and UAT are identical. When everything gets finished being verified in UAT, then that same package gets pushed to PROD and we know that all three environments are identical.

If, during testing on UAT, you have to make changes to something then I follow the same steps again - build a package off of dev that includes ALL components and push it to UAT to verify. This also gives you a rollback if a particular update doesn’t go well - I save all of our full release packages so if, say, Release 03 has a problem during deployment I can just deploy Release 02 and be confident that it has ALL components needed to run the application in that particular version.

I hope this makes sense, happy to elaborate further if it is unclear.