The Delete and Add Functions are missing when I create an ediable list from a smart object

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In K2 5 why  are the Add and Delete functions missing from a list view I make edit able. See the old list here; and the new list below: I desperately need Add and delete in my editable list smart box. I frequently have to add and delete row items. How can I get these functions for an ediable list I make from a Smart Object??






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Please chose the below heighlighted options while creating the list view, so that you can get the flexibility to add and delete.


Note: i tried this option in K2 Five(5.2)and it worked for me.





Hello Jaswerl,


I am not sure why but the "Add" and "Delete" functions should be available in K2 Five. See the document below for everything you need to do or consider when setting up your list views: See the "Create Labels and Controls" Section.


I hope this helps you.




Good day jaswerl


I have attempted to reproduce this on my side and everything works as expected. Would you be so kind as to check a few things on your view and SmartObject?

1. Try to regenerate the form from the SmartObject and see if this problem persists. If so something in your theme may be blocking the buttons from loading in.

2. I did, however, see that your generated editable list view has filter properties which are only present in an item view. Please make sure that you did indeed choose the "Editable list item" option and not the "List item" option when you generate the view.

3. Make sure the ID field is marked as a Required, Unique and auto incremented field in your SmartObject 


Possible workaround:

If the above mentioned is correct and the problem persists, you can add 2 buttons and configure them as below:

1. Go to the view rules and add a new rule for the Add button. on the add button rule click on "Edit rule" and add in the action with the name "Add a new row to the editable list".

2. Go to the view rules and add a new rule for the Delete button. on the delete button rule click on "Edit rule" and add in the action with the name "Remove the selected row to the editable list".


This would give you the desired functionality that is needed.


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Thank you JacquesP.

The answer turned out to be that the smartobject that i used to create the view was derived from another smartobject (service instance) that came from a sharePoint list. When the consultant created the former smart objecet they ommited the Add and Delete methods. When I added these methods from the latter smartObject/Service instance to my smart object and recreated the view the buttons were there. Problem solved.

Thank you