Task component not assigning task for SharePoint group

  • 27 November 2018
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Created a sharepoint list called "List 1" and configured[added] users group in that list as an item

item 1

Title - A , Group Name - User1


item 2

Title - B , Group Name - User 2


Created another list called "List 2" and this list only having "Title" column.

When user creating entry in list 2 with Title = A , Task should be assigned to user 1 which is configured in List 1.

if user creating entry in list 2 with Title = B , Task should be assigned to user 2 which is configured in List 2.


I have a created a K2 workflow with following components.

1. Using 'Get List Reference' component passing the current item title value and getting reference from List 2.

2. Cretaed an Task component and used the Reference in the Task component.


Task is not assigned for the above case.

2 replies

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Did your receive any error when running your workflow? If K2 is unable to assign a single destination, there should be some sort of error being thrown, as a task must have at least 1 destination user.


Can you also attach a screenshot of how you assign the destination in your workflow?


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Can you share how you have configured your Destination Users?

I would guess that you use the Get List method and use the User Column?


What happens when you execute it manually using the SmartObject Tester Tool?


If you look in the Management Page, under the Process, and on the TaskList tab, which user did K2 assign it to?