Stop list view from sorting via header selection

  • 15 August 2019
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We have various forms with list views.

we have dynamic queries to return items in the list with a specific sort order.

we have an issue when the items are answered/responded to, and the title on the column heading is clicked (to sort) whether it being deliberate or accidently the items sort.

Pre Sorted - the items are in specific order13363i93398743925E2011.png


So question is, how do i stop the list from being sorted upon clicking of the header in the column on the list top row?


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3 replies

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Try this.

  1. Edit your list view in Designer

  2. Select the column

  3. On the properties pane, select the Header tab

  4. Uncheck 'Enabled'

  5. Check in the form



thats it

much appreciated

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This is not working on the latest K2 Five version 5.6. Is this a bug?