Smartform method did not update a field in workflow

In the workflow I use Smartobject method to update data in a table.  We update 6 fields. One of the field is statusid. In the Input Mappings, I set statusid = 6


Sometimes, the workflow does not update statusid. Other fields are updated.

Does anyone know why it updates other field, but not statusid ?

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You say that sometimes it does not update statusid... what other variables are involved? That is, can you determine anything different about when it does work vs. when it doesn't? Is there any consistency at all or it seems random?
Secondly, is the underlying table a smartbox table or a database you've created?

 We just set the statusid = 6. Other data is from variables in the workflow. It seems random.




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Hmm... maybe try putting an update trigger on that table (if it is a table you control) that writes a record to a different table that says what it *thinks* is being updated? I see nothing that would cause concern from your screenshot, so we need to go a level deeper to see what is actually reaching the database