Send email rule to all users in a Smartobject

  • 22 October 2019
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If using K2 Designer (no workflow), how do you send an email to all the users in a Smartobject?

There is no Get users by group method or access to other smartobjects when using K2 Designer to send an email from a Form rule to all users within a SMO?


Any ideas?

4 replies

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Hi SharePoint


You can follow the link below, where it ask for email on  TO: you can type email address for each users followed by semi colon.




Good day Sharpharp1


I suggest that according to the instructions on the link Elvis has provided, for the “To:” text box, copy and paste the addresses of everyone (e.g, *personal details removed*; *personal details removed*, …) separated by commas. I recommend that you log this as a feature request to be implemented in future at K2 ideas portal at





Hi Sharpharp1;

In addition to the information that  @ElvisJacob  and  @Sunrise  have provided please see the following community posts.





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Hey Sharpharp1,


I found a way that you might be able to do this, but its a bit of a workaround.


1. On your View have a list control and set the datasource to the SmartObject (This control can be set to hidden)

2. On the Rule where you want to send the email, add a condition: "For each item in a list control on a View"

3. Specify the list control and "All items"