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  • 6 June 2023
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Hi All,

I have been asked by business, the list control is showing attachment details and when the user select on it then be default its getting downloaded.


So, Is there any possibility to achieve the Attachment to View in a new Tab or a Sub form instead of downloading ?

Any scripting also helps but I’m not looking to achieve this via OData SMO.


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5 replies

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Please provide some clarification/details/screenshots if possible.

You can certainly upload file or download files using an item view that is opened as a subview/subform.

Are you saving PDF files to the ‘PDF File’ SmartObject that is located at [System > Controls > Save as PDF > PDF File] and wants to interact with that?  Views can certainly be built from this SmartObject.

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Sorry for missing more details.

I have a list view, which will return the attachment from SQL table like PDF,Word etc whic was added into the table through another view. And if we place this list view in the form, the attachment will get downloaded by default when we click on the attachment. But is there any out of the box option to view or open the attachment instead of downloading the attachment?

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Unfortunately, OOTB there isn’t a control to view PDF/Word files.  But it does look to be possible as per below:


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Hi @kk156677 
Did this solve your question?

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Hi @MillaZ ,

Actually it did, just explored if any other ways but yeah OData seems like best and easy approach. Thanks for the reply @TinTex