MS Flow and Workflow REST API integration

  • 19 November 2018
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Hi All,

I want to integrate the Workflow REST API with MS Flow but the feature when I click on it give me an error like it is not installed. I'm assuming I missed something when setting up the environment and thought I would throw it out on here while I am trying to dig through to find an answer. The error I am getting is "SmartObject property Name is a required property for selected method Load. Value must be set."  

2 replies



This error means your SmartObject has a method called "Load", and it is expecting the property "Name" to be filled. Where exactly are you getting this error from? In your K2 workflow? In MS Flow? Or when you are calling the REST API? Have you tested the REST API to make sure it is working first?


This took care of it. The article is a bit egnimatic and so I ended up copying the information like it said to the production items but setting it as default kept reverting. So I just reset IIS and it started working. Thank you!