Make Two Data Execute Parallelly

Can K2 Five process data paralellly in one workflow?


For example i submit 5 data in one workflow and in one submit form

2 data contains Financial data and 3 data Non-Financial data.


Can the form/workflow divide parallelly so the

Financial data will be approved by Financial staff

and Non-Financial data  will be approved by Non-Financial staff.



This is my current workflow. Because when i execute this, 

the data still not paralelly executed. The workflow only

moves to one path only.









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Yes this is possible in k2 5 workflow. 

YOu need to use split rule and there in split rule you can define the condition and based on condition workflow will route . 


you can check branching rules as well. 



Can you share your image again . we dont see that. 





for split step:


Merge Step:



Thabiso Ngobese


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Thank you all for the reply 


But actually what i mean is when i submit a form with two data like this picture below



Sorry I try to help @NivaCammy to describe the case.
@NivaCammy is my team project.


Here our case,
We have a form to send some transaction (data).
For example in that form, We have 3 transaction.
One transaction represent one smart object.


When a person submit the button, That 3 transaction can have 3 different path.
One to Non Financial staff, one to Financial Cash staff and the other to Financial Non Cash staff.


Is K2 Five can accomodate that some transaction (data) with a workflow (parallel step) with one single click button in a form? How can we do approach to the case?
We try to implement that case (as the image) but only the last transaction (data) that counting by K2 Five

so the workflow only moves to one path only.


Thanks before for all your response.

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Hi All,


This should be possible to achieve, i did a quick check and was able to get this running. Here are some screenshots:


My Workflow Design - The difference between your workflow and mine, is the addition of the Decision Steps right after the Task Activity:



My Path Configuration - This looks simular to yours:


Then the Rule Configuration: