K2 five - SP smartobject unique values

Hi all,

I'm configuring a SmartForms with a dropdown list control..

My source data is a SP SmartObject list..

The list is like this:

Col1 -  Col2

A - Value1
A - Value2
A - Value3
B - Value1
B - Value2


The control has to look for Col1 and if i open the dropdown i see:







And it's not acceptable...I checked online and in this forum  but i didn't find a solution...

Someone can help me with a suggestion??


Thanks everybody..



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Your SmartObject accurately reflects the contents of your SharePoint list, but you want something different?  The simplest solution might be to create another list (or other data source) containing only the values you want to display in the dropdown.



Hi David,


Sorry, i'm planning to insert K2 five in my Sharepoint 2013 farm...

I have few Infopath forms where i use the easy configuration to display unique values in the drop down box...

Now the source data is a production list and i can't change the structure..

In thi case there is no solution,right??

Have i to create a new smartobject as SQL table to use the "Select distinct"??


Very strange, i didn't suppose to have this issue that an old product as "Microsoft Infopath" can accomplish with one click...very strange...

Let me know please..




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I understand your need and that does sound like a useful feature that many could use.  You can log feature requests here:  https://ideas.k2.com/.


The common use case for a drop down list is for normalized data.  You can seperate the visualizatoin of that data from the value which is stored, usually a key.  If you think this list will seldom change, you can also create a static data source.



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It sounds like what you are seeing is somewhat related to SharePoint limitation.




My question is about the control...It's very strange, for me, that Microsoft Infopath (Infopath!!!) has an easy "checkbox" to display unique values and K2 five no....

Then...i asked for suggestion...

I have to change source data in SQL table and perform a select distinct...no other way at moment....





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Has there been any solution to creating distinct drop down boxes yet?  


We are using SmartBox / SmartObjects that are obviously being generated on the primary K2 Database.  We were under the impression that we are not able to make modifications to this primary Database (updates / packages may override things or cause failure).  So creating custom 'select distinct' and or any other views needed for potential reporting views may not be an option.  Or is it?


What are the limits on the K2 Database, can you create views / stored procedures without voiding a contract of any sort?

If we need to create a Select Distinct view(s) in order to create a drop down to populate distinct years of the records what are others recommendations.   

Hopefully that made sense.