K2 Custom Control Property not updating from script file

  • 15 November 2022
  • 4 replies

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Might be I am missing very small thing. But scenario is not working.


Below highlighted is the custom control. With Category Display



I dragged two controls on item view as below.



What I want to achieve is.

On button click rule. I am setting custom control properties and just displaying values in message box.





In the message box, its displaying old value not the new one.


script files also attached if anyone can help please.

4 replies

Are you first clearing out the old value?
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thanks for your response.

first i am setting properties of the custom control in a rule (using set property).

then i am displaying that property in message box. but its showing old value. its not showing the value which i am assigning from set property rule.


Try setting the property to blank (to clear the old value) before setting the new value.
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i clear the values. but still not working.